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  • How do foam parties work?
    A foam party includes most of the same elements that a regular party would; music, dancing and possibly even games. The only difference is that with a foam party, the dance floor will be covered in fun foam, which as you can imagine, gets people into party mode pretty quickly. For a better visual please check out our video!
  • How is this cleaned up?
    It cleans itself up! No really. The foam magically evaporates and disappears on its own after a couple of hours. If you'd like to expedite the process simply wash it away with your garden hose.
  • Is the foam safe for kids and animals?
    Yes! Our Foam Solution is hypo-allergenic, dye-free, biodegradable and safe for kids, pets and the environment. We only use professional grade foam solution
  • Do you get wet?
    The foam may leave you damp after a few minutes and you can easily dry off in the sun. The longer you stay in the foam, the more you get wet.
  • Where can I have my foam party?
    Our Foam cannon alone can fill up an area of up to 40x40 ft. The foam works best on grass but it can also work on driveways, Parking lots or closed-off roads. Areas that are mostly dirt are not recommended .
  • Can I combine foam and bubble parties?
    Yes just call or message us to book that party so we can get some more information.
  • Why are your deposits non refundable?
    We get lots of requests in the area so anytime we book a party it's usually taking away from another inquiry since we can not accept all of them. So once it's on the books it's final. We only reschedule due to bad weather such as rain, storms etc.
  • What if I have a large party/event?
    You can send us a message with your details and we will reach back out with pricing. Larger groups may need more solution and or extra foam cannons. (Daycares that separate into groups of about 30 kids in 30 minute intervals can usually book the 2 hour slots online)
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